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[015] AU Week

It seems everyone (or almost everyone) has found happiness in one form or another. That's good to see.

Being in Europe all this time, I almost forgot what it was like to be in Japan. I was wondering if I could even speak the language properly anymore but it's coming back.

[014] Summer Break

What is everyone doing for the break?

I'm going home to visit family so if anyone wants to meet, give me a call.

I expect all tennis team members to come for a training session one day. Details to follow.

[013] Down to the Wire

Practice and rehearsals have all led up to this moment, opening night.

Hazue-kun, you are a good director. Keep up the good work.

Everyone, break a leg.

[012] Back to Normal

I am finally back to the way I was...that is good. My racket never felt better, my grip never stronger. Now I am looking forward to having normal practice and finally getting towards playing a real match.

If anyone has any comments about me during this last interesting week...kindly keep it to yourself. I insist.

Thank you to those who helped out, especially those in getting me something suitable to wear, though what will everyone do with the clothes that don't fit anymore?

[011] . . .

Um....I'm not quite sure what happened but...I don't seem to be myself.

Has anyone else experienced anything...interesting?

Tennis is going to be interesting...

Sanada, Rikkai...anyoneCollapse )

[010] Into The Woods

Well well, it seems the Witch's part is for me. Hazue-kun, you have a good eye because I thought this role was the 'The Best Role Ever' and I was good enough to get it.

I see that rehearsals will be after tennis practice. Everyone who is on the tennis team and also in the play, just because we have something extra to do, that does mean slack off during practice. Anyone who complains during practice will be dealt with.

[009] Renji

Happy Birthday, Renji.

What do you say to going out and getting a drink with me?

[008] Sanada

Happy Birthday, Sanada!

Try not to grow more gray hair hmm?

Your present should have been delivered to you. I hope you like it.

[OOC: Strikes are heavily crossed out; His present is a new kendo outfit]

[007] Normality

I see things have gone back to the way they should be. This means that tennis practice and life can go on again.

For those that were wondering and that still might be, I am and have always been a man.


[006] Changes

I see many of you have had something happen...different changes and I thought I should let everyone know that changes could or could not be good.

As for myself...well that is for me to know and no one to find out.